Does your business intend to hire a commercial cleaning company? The rule is to vet the company to ensure it is the right fit. The assessments help you avoid the hassles of looking for a new cleaning company when the current one does not meet your expectations. Below is an extract with some questions to help you interview a commercial cleaning company. With luck, they should help you hire a suitable cleaning company. 

1. What Services Does the Company Offer? 

Most people only consider basic floor cleaning when hiring a commercial cleaning company. However, your premises could need additional services after hiring the company. For instance, you could need window or carpet cleaning at regular intervals. Moreover, you might need the company to disinfect or sanitise the premises to eliminate dangerous bacteria and viruses. Your office furniture is bound to accumulate dirt over time. In this case, you will need a company that offers upholstery cleaning. Some commercial cleaning companies also offer rubbish management services. It prevents your business from dealing with multiple service providers.

2. What Kind of Cleaning Equipment Does the Company Have? 

The rule is to ensure your preferred cleaning company guarantees efficiency and high-quality cleaning. For instance, inquire if the company deploys modern technologies such as floor scrubbers and vacuum cleaners as they clean the office. The machines reduce the time it takes to clean the space, meaning the cleaners will not disrupt your office operations. Besides, floor buffers and polishers give the office floor a glossy appearance, enhancing the appeal of the interior.  

3. Does the Commercial Cleaning Company Conduct Background Checks on Its Employees? 

The cleaners spend a considerable time inside your office. Besides, they have access to company documents, cash and the managerial office. Therefore, ask the cleaning company whether it conducts background checks on its employees. Moreover, examine the company's liability policy. For instance, does the company compensate you if a cleaner accidentally damages office equipment such as computers or printers? 

4. Does the Company Have Insurance Coverage?

Insurance coverage is an overlooked yet important factor when hiring a commercial cleaning company. Imagine a situation where a cleaner slipped and suffered a fracture when cleaning your premises. If the cleaning company does not insure employees, the injured individual could file an injury suit against your business. Therefore, check the company's documentation to ensure it has essential insurance coverage such as general liability and workers compensation insurance.   

For more information, contact a local commercial cleaning company.