Your work as a commercial facility manager is to ensure safety for all parties, and the responsibility is compounded if a building has asbestos. Therefore, you should hire an asbestos abatement company to remove the material from your building. The reason is that asbestos is a dangerous material, and organising its removal keeps occupants safe and protects you from legal liabilities. That said, the asbestos removal process provides an opportunity for you to ask important questions to a service provider. This article highlights critical questions to ask. 

Is Complete Removal Mandatory?

Most facility managers think that asbestos removal means that an asbestos abatement company must strip every piece of asbestos or asbestos-containing material from the premises. However, asbestos removal depends on the material's amount, type, location and condition. Thus, such factors determine whether an asbestos abatement company removes, encapsulates or encloses the sites in question. For instance, if a service provider finds asbestos on wall insulation, the ceiling, and the roof, then complete removal is recommended. On the other hand, undisturbed asbestos material located in an old chimney could be sealed off to prevent the fibres from escaping into the open. The bottom line is that a service provider bases their treatment approach on an asbestos survey report.

Do You Evacuate the Occupants?

Asbestos is a dangerous material, and exposure can lead to health issues such as cancers. Therefore, it might seem obvious that you should evacuate occupants before asbestos removal. However, the decision to evacuate occupants depends on the location of a worksite and the amount and type of asbestos present. For instance, if a worksite is on an upper floor and occupants are on the ground floor, you do not have to evacuate them. The reason is that professional asbestos abatement services seal off a work site to prevent fibres from escaping. However, if asbestos is the friable type, a service provider will ask you to evacuate occupants. It is safer for occupants to stay away until complete asbestos removal.

Do You Use Independent Air Quality Services?

Once an asbestos removal exercise is complete, a building should not be re-occupied until you receive negative air quality test results. Notably, some asbestos abatement companies have an internal laboratory for conducting post-abatement air quality tests. However, you should ask a service provider if they use an independent laboratory to conduct air clearance testing after an asbestos removal project. If they answer in the affirmative, you can rest assured that air quality test results are reliable. Therefore, you should only allow occupants back once post-abatement test results give a building a clean bill of health.  

Reach out to an asbestos removal company to learn more.