Curtains are one of the fabrics that often get forgotten when it comes to cleaning. As nobody sleeps on them, nobody wears them, and they don't get handled very much, it might not seem like they really need washing.

However, even when they look clean, curtains can hide a range of nasties. They absorb allergens and pollutants, pick up mould spores from damp windows and are notorious for holding onto various odours. If you run a restaurant, not only are there more smells for curtains to pick up, but all of the potential problems combined will lead to an unpleasant environment for your diners. Before you rush off to put your curtains in a washing machine during your restaurant's downtime, however, take a look at the reasons you should get them professionally cleaned instead.

Some curtain fabrics are highly delicate

Curtains come in all sorts of fabrics, and that includes delicates like silk. If you're not sure what your curtains are made of, putting them into the washing machine like clothing can result in shrinkage and other forms of damage. A professional will be able to identify your curtain fabrics and handle them appropriately, so you'll get them back as good as new.

Curtains are surprisingly bulky

You might not realise quite how large your curtains are until you take them down and try to fit them in a washing machine. It's unlikely you'll be able to wash them all in one go, which means dedicating a lot of time to washing and drying them, especially if you have a lot of curtains to clean. A company that specialises in cleaning curtains will be able to do so in bulk, saving you a lot of time and getting them back to your restaurant quickly.

It's difficult to get stains out

In a restaurant, splashed food and drink is always a risk, even on curtains. You might not notice these stains until you go to wash the curtains, and they can be difficult to remove. Using harsh cleaning products risks damaging the fabric. Let the professionals handle it for you, and they'll make sure your curtains are beautifully clean and stain-free when they're done.

Normal washing means a lot of creases

When curtains tumble round and round in a washing machine, they pick up a lot of creases. While they should mostly drop out eventually when you hang them back in your windows, it can take a long time, and they'll look scruffy while you wait. This looks bad to your customers and gives them a negative impression of your restaurant.

If you get them professionally cleaned instead, they'll be handled carefully and given back to you neat, flat and looking great. For more information, contact your local bulk curtain laundry services.