While a government bond authority typically holds your security deposit in most Australian states, landlords or agents may claim a significant portion of it in cleaning fines once your lease ends –– citing issues with the cleanliness of the place, even if you undertake end-of-lease cleaning. This can be incredibly stressful because you obviously need the security deposit amount for your next rental or newly-bought home. Follow these intelligent actions to avoid fines once you move out.

Know Your Rights Based On Your State

Most often, end-of-lease laws dictate that you must leave the home in reasonably clean conditions, which can be ambiguous. Knowing your rights will help you fight your landlord's claim for your security bond. For instance, the NSW Fair Trading Authority clearly dictates what you are liable and not liable for in their Fair Wear and Tear clause. You may have grounds to fight the claim within 14 days of notice given to you. If you cannot agree with your landlord regarding the division of your security bond in Victoria, you will need to file a case with the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) who will make a decision.

Refer To Your Original Property Condition Report

When you first move into the rental apartment, you are given a property condition report. This report identifies any existing damage or issues on a per room basis. For instance, if there was a crack in a wall in the original property condition report, then your landlord cannot charge you for this existing damage when you move out. Similarly, if the carpet already contained stains before you moved in, then no amount of end-of-lease cleaning can solve the issue. Your landlord cannot charge you for these stains. Most Australian states require landlords/property managers to present property condition reports to tenants. Another smart way to protect yourself is to visually record the property condition through photographs. Cameras with time and date stamps will equip you with sufficient proof to ensure that you don't end up paying for someone else's damage.

Hire Professional End-Of–Lease Cleaning Agencies With Guarantees

End-of-lease cleaning is more multifaceted because you're usually dealing with intricate insides of fixtures. If you want to get your entire security deposit back, hire professional end-of-lease cleaning agencies with guarantees. So, if there is a dispute with the landlord, they will clean the problem area once again at no extra cost –– allowing you the opportunity to get your whole security deposit back. Of course, this is assuming you didn't cause any major damage to the property. End-of-lease cleaning starts from $200 and can go upwards based on the size of your home.

Follow these intelligent actions and consider hiring end-of-lease cleaning agencies to avoid paying any fines.