Getting mud on your carpets from dirty footwear is one of the most common and yet most frustrating carpet issues in the home. Below is an easy 3 step way to remove mud stains from your carpet.

Let the Mud Dry Out

When you notice fresh mud on your carpet, it is tempting to rush to clean it up immediately. While immediate action is recommended for other spills and stains caused by wine, juice or food, you should wait and let a mud stain dry before you attempt to remove it. If you try to remove a fresh mud stain, it is likely that you will just spread the stain further into the fibres of the carpet, making it more difficult to remove from your carpet.

Brush with a Hard-bristled Brush

Once the mud is dry, you should use a hard-bristled brush to loosen and remove as much of the dried mud as possible. As you vigorously brush the stained area with the brush, the mud should break up and begin to separate from the carpet. You can then use your vacuum cleaner to lift the flakes of mud up off the carpet. You should repeat this process until as much of the mud as possible has been removed.

Use Liquid Detergent to Wash Away the Residue

Now that you have removed the majority of the mud from the carpet, you should use a liquid detergent to wash away any residue which is still present. Do not use any harsh cleaning products such as bleach, as this can cause discolouration of the carpet. Fill up a bowl with warm water and add a squirt of liquid detergent that you use to wash pots and pans. Mix the liquid detergent with the water until a foam begins to form. You should then pour a small amount of this liquid onto the carpet until the stain is completely covered. Then use a soft lint-free cloth to blot the stain. This will help to lift what remains of the mud from your carpet. You should repeat this as needed until the stain has been completely removed. Finally, you should rinse the stain with cold water and leave it dry.

If you are having trouble with a particularly tricky stain, you should contact professional carpet cleaners, who will be able to offer further assistance in helping to restore your carpet to its former condition.