Carpet cleaning can enhance the look and feel of your carpets, while improving their lifespan –– that's why it's a good idea to get your carpets cleaned regularly. If you've decided to get your carpets cleaned with professional carpet cleaners –– you've just taken a whole workload off your shoulders, but that doesn't mean that your work ends with the phone call. Once the cleaners arrive, they will do all the work, but there are some easy steps to undertake to make the carpet cleaning job more effective.

Clear and Inspect your Carpets

Before the carpet cleaners arrive, be sure to clear all the clutter and furniture from your floors –– this ensures that the carpet cleaners have access to all areas of the carpet surface without anything getting in the way. Ensure that items like tables, chairs, lamps and desks are moved from the carpet surface. Once you've cleared the carpet, do your own level of inspections and note down areas of the carpet that need special attention. For example, stained patches or embedded debris may need more deep-rooted cleaning that the regular surface-level cleaning of other areas. You can also inform the carpet cleaners of high traffic areas around your carpet, so that they can treat them more efficiently. This pre-inspection enhances the efficiency of the carpet cleaning process, because you know your carpet better than anyone else.

Make Room for the Carpet Cleaning Van to Access your Home Easily

You'll want to make enough room to allow the carpet cleaning van to access your home easily. This is because most carpet cleaners come with hot water extraction machines that are affixed to their trucks. If you have a driveway or garage, move your car elsewhere, so that the carpet cleaning truck can park in your car space, enabling their cleaning equipment to be close to your home. This also keeps their vans away from neighbour's land and prevents obstruction of other vehicles on the road. You'll also want to make sure that there is adequate water supply to your driveway, so that the carpet cleaners can hook up their hot water extraction machines to your water supply system conveniently.

Check with your Carpet Cleaners About their Requirements

It's always a good idea to check with the carpet cleaners in advance about their specific requirements. For example, some carpet cleaners may ask you to do a surface-level vacuum, so they can get straight to the deep cleaning. Some carpet cleaners may need special access to water pipes or garden hoses. Getting an idea of their expectations in advance will help you set up your home for a thorough carpet cleaning job.

These simple preparational steps will make it easier for the carpet cleaners to do an efficient job. For more information about carpet cleaning, go to a site like