If you have a child with SPD or other sensory integration issues, their discomforts may manifest themselves in a range of ways on a range of topics. Even your carpet can have an impact on your child, and it is part of your home environment that you may want to address in a certain way. Take a look at these tips:

1. Consider replacing abrasive carpet with softer, less tactile varieties

If your child doesn't like the feel of your carpet, they are not alone. This is a common issue that many kids with SPD face. To make your carpet more approachable for your child, consider replacing abrasive wool carpets with softer synthetic carpets. Similarly, consider replacing deep pile with low pile. Get your child involved in the selection process to see what feels best to him or her.

2. Keep your carpet clean

Unfortunately, it may not just be the carpet's material, pile or texture that bothers your child. In some cases, your child may feel affected by the cleanliness levels of the carpet.

To keep your carpet clean, have everyone wear socks as much as possible in the house. Barefeet, unfortunately, can leave lots of body oils in your carpet, and when carpets have lots of oil built up on them, they become matted, less soft and more uncomfortable.  

Also, be sure to have your carpet professionally cleaned more often than usually recommended to help your kid with his or her sensitivities to odor, dirt and other elements.

3. Use deodorisers when removing stains

Between professional carpet cleaning sessions, when you are doing spot cleaning and stain removal, remember that kids with SPD can be extremely sensitive to smells. To ensure smells don't linger in your carpet, use a carpet cleaner that boasts deodorising qualities.

Alternatively, sprinkle baking soda over stains, let it dry and then vacuum it up. That can neutralise most odors.

4. Remember the importance of HEPA filters

Additionally, when you vacuum, you should try to use a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter. Unfortunately, many kids with SPD are also prone to allergies, and HEPA filters are designed to remove small particles and allergens from carpet, making it healthier and more tolerable to your child.

5. Hire carpet cleaners who use all-natural, allergen-free products

When you hire professional carpet cleaners, like Adam's Carpet Cleaning, talk with them about your child's sensitivities. Optimally, you want to look for companies who use natural cleaners that emit few odors.