When you manage a school of any sort, you need to realize that hiring a commercial cleaning company to maintain the building will not be like hiring a typical office cleaner. Schools have special needs when it comes to cleaning and not all commercial companies will be able to address these. Note a few tips for choosing the right commercial cleaning company for a school.

1. Ask what methods they use to clean certain surfaces and flooring

A company you hire for school cleaning should have certain methods in place for cleaning a gymnasium floor, as well as desktops and other such surfaces. The flooring used in a gymnasium will be different than the flooring found in offices, and desktops for a school may be made of an older wood or other material that is different than desks in offices. Note if the cleaning company is familiar with these types of surfaces and if they use special methods for cleaning them.

2. Note if they are flexible about their cleaning schedule

A school isn't usually operational just during the day, but you may have assemblies, school plays and recitals, games, and other functions at night. Your school may also host continuing education or other such classes in the evening. You may need to work with a cleaning company that has a flexible schedule of cleaning so that they aren't trying to clean the gymnasium locker rooms while a game is being played or trying to vacuum classrooms during continuing education classes. It can be helpful to go over the entire year's calendar with them at an initial meeting so they know upfront any expectations when it comes to a flexible schedule.

3. Be sure they have criminal background checks and drug tests in place for all employees

Even if someone on a cleaning crew doesn't come into contact with children or is only in the school after hours, it may be a legal requirement for them to still go through a criminal background check and drug test in order to work on school grounds. As a school manager you should already know those requirements that are in place for teachers and educators, and you don't want to assume that cleaners, even those employed by an outside cleaning company, are exempt from these same requirements. Ask a potential company about it and be sure you have that paperwork in place before hiring anyone.