If you own an apartment complex, or you're the superintendent of a residential complex, you may have to hire a garbage chute to facilitate waste removal for your residents. But if you are dealing with garbage chute hire for the first time, you need to know some important things about these products to maximise your rental experience:

There Are Several Types You Can Hire -- Garbage chutes are available in several styles, including trash chutes, recycle chutes and linen chutes. The most common types of chutes are trash chutes, which handle household garbage. However, with an increased emphasis on protecting the environment, recycle chutes are also very common, and are designed for recyclable products such as aluminium cans, bottles, plastics and paper.

Typically, you would need to have a recycle waste container if you choose a recycle chute, because household waste and recycle waste do not go to the same facilities. Line chutes are only an option if you own a hospitality business in which people can drop towels and sheets into the chute for laundry service.

There Are Two Main Door Types -- When you hire a garbage chute, you can choose between two types of doors:  side-hinged and bottom-hinged. Side-hinged garbage chute doors swing open like a traditional door, pulling open toward you as you open it, and away from you as you close it. Bottom-hinged garbage chute doors open by pulling the handle from the bottom to open the chute.

Once you're done, you pull down on the handle to close the chute. Side-hinged doors are slightly easier and more convenient to use, but bottom-hinged doors are typically larger and allow more garbage to be dumped at one time before you have to close the chute. For additional convenience, you can also choose a chute door that opens by pressing a foot pedal.

You Can Add Odour Control -- Nearly all garbage chute hire companies will provide you with a cleaning service that typically involves the use of a hydro blaster, which directs hot pressurised water down the chute to remove stains, grime and germs. The chute is also sanitised with antibacterial chemicals and a pesticide to get rid of any insects that are attracted to food waste.

Garbage chute hire companies also offer an automated odour control system that dispenses bacteria-killing cleansers into your chute on a weekly basis as well as deodorisers to maintain a fresh scent. Contact a company such as Qwik Chutes to learn more.