A clean and airy office space is the pride of any business. It's not only good for the health of your employees but increases their productivity as well because they feel more at ease working in a hygienic environment.

Therefore, you should look for a cleaning contractor who can ensure that all cleaning tasks ranging from dusting office furniture, wiping glass windows, vacuuming floors, washing entrance mats to emptying litter bins are done close to perfection.

Here are some of the essential benefits that an expert cleaning contractor will provide to your office buildings and integrate into your business.

Flexible work schedules

Since cleaning office buildings during normal business hours can disturb the work environment, many professional cleaners often perform daily cleaning tasks from the evening hours or at night when the offices are unoccupied.

Likewise, offices that experience a large influx of human traffic during the normal business days may have their carpets cleaned over the weekends when most offices are closed so that the floors are kept dustless before the start of the next work week.

Variable cleaning rates

The frequency and nature of the cleaning job involved determine the office cleaning charges. In general, light cleaning services such as dusting office furniture, vacuuming floors, sanitising lavatory units, and emptying litter bins, which should be done daily are cheaper than the heavier and less frequently required tasks like carpet cleaning and vent vacuuming. Therefore, you can always choose a service package that suits the cleaning needs of your offices in a budget friendly way.

Whether you are charged per visit or per square foot of the floor area, you will most likely get the best discount rates if you get the cleaning contractor to commit to a longer time contract, say an annual contract.

Customised cleaning services for every office environment

As stated earlier, cleaning services can be provided as infrequently as annually to as regularly as daily depending on the nature of the office cleaning job involved and office-specific operating conditions.

Offices in skyscraper buildings with exterior glass windows may only require to be cleaned bi-annually or on a monthly basis depending on their location, surrounding landscape, and the weather conditions.

For example, if you are experiencing a higher-than-normal amount of rainfall during spring, you may have no other choice but to ask a commercial cleaning contractor to clean the windows more frequently to get rid of the dirt deposits staining them.